About Us

Bringing diverse perspectives to American business

The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management is a continually growing and evolving alliance of some of the world’s leading graduate business schools and business organizations, supported by the strength of our extended network of students and alumni.

Our Approach Is Simple

We connect people, institutions and companies that have shown a commitment to our mission, and we position them for even greater success. Specifically, we foster a network of the country’s best students, leading MBA programs and corporate partners, including Fortune 500 companies.

The Consortium awards merit-based, full-tuition fellowships to top MBA candidates who have a proven record of promoting inclusion in school, in their jobs or in their personal lives.

Our Mission

Our mission, through the strength of our growing alliance and extended network, is to enhance diversity and inclusion in global business education and leadership by striving to reduce the significant underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in both our Member Schools’ enrollments and the ranks of global management across the following sectors:

  • For-profit corporations
  • Nonprofit corporations
  • Government agencies and contractors
  • Entrepreneurial ventures in both for-profit and nonprofit environments

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Our Brochure

Download a PDF of our handy brochure: The Consortium Program Overview FY2021. brochure-cover

What Is The Consortium?

Celebrating Our Golden Anniversary

Our media kit, focused on 50 years of service.

50 Years of History: The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management from Kurt Greenbaum