Alonso Moreno: Why his Consortium membership and Simon connections are valuable

We were grateful to read Alonso Moreno’s story about why he applied for a Consortium fellowship, and how his membership and the team at the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester got him prepared for the first year of his MBA program.

“I had all the confidence in the world because the Simon staff involved were nothing short of encouraging and helpful. My prep included: fine-tuning my resume, practicing my pitch, and conducting company research,” Moreno wrote on the school’s blog in a post published on Monday.

“Upon joining Simon through The Consortium, I heard of the great network and support I’d gain by joining the school. I don’t think I came to fully appreciate what this meant until OP. The staff, student liaisons, alumni, and fellow classmates from Simon were all there to help each other.”

Moreno is in the class of 2017 at Simon, where he entered intending to concentrate on operations and brand management. He came to his MBA after working for EYL Marketing-Entertain Your Life; GE Aviation; and PCC Structurals.

Be sure to read Moreno’s blog post on the Simon site here.