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Leslie Adkins

Consortium alumna’s parents contribute $1 million endowment in her memory

The family of an MBA student and fellow of The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management has established a $1 million scholarship endowment to the nonprofit organization in the name of their daughter — Leslie Elise Adkins.

Ms. Adkins, who earned a full-tuition Consortium fellowship from the University of Southern California in 2013, died on May 5, 2015, of complications from chronic diabetes, after completing her MBA.

Ms. Adkins’ parents, Lynette and Kedrick Adkins, announced the endowment in order to further the mission of The Consortium by funding scholarships for promising African American students and other underrepresented minorities seeking to earn an MBA.

“Leslie was deeply committed to the mission of The Consortium, and lived it out in her personal and professional life,” the Adkins said. “She would have wanted to show her gratitude to The Consortium for the opportunity extended to her.”

After completing her MBA requirements, Ms. Adkins was awarded the degree posthumously on May 15, 2015. She had received a job offer from Amazon on the day of her death.

“The entire Consortium community is humbled and honored by this generous gift,” said Peter J. Aranda III, executive director & CEO of The Consortium. “Leslie fully embodied the spirit of the Consortium community. This gift secures her legacy for future generations of Consortium students.”

Leslie Elise Adkins Endowed Scholarship Fund will provide scholarships for African American students, particularly women, and with preference to students attending USC’s Marshall School of Business or the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, where Ms. Adkins received her undergraduate degree.

Details of how students can apply for the scholarship will be provided on The Consortium’s website at a later time.

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