Consortium Corporate Pacesetter Award

Established 2017

Awarded to a corporate partner that manifests dedication to the mission through extraordinary collaboration with Consortium constituents – students, alumni, staff and member schools. Through communication, innovation and focus, the Pacesetter recipient sets the standard for effective leadership in promoting diversity in corporate leadership.

To qualify for this award, the corporation must demonstrate the following:

  • Show dedication to advanced planning, organization and effective communication in its preparation for the Orientation Program
  • Demonstrate organizational rigor in executing student communication, selecting underwriting opportunities, registering OP participants and other administrative requirements
  • Request best practices from Consortium staff and effectively collaborate with the team in planning and executing underwriting plans
  • Demonstrate innovation in leveraging communication, underwriting and other engagement opportunities before, during and after OP
Year Recipient
2023 Google
2022 Danaher
2021 Liberty Mutual Insurance
2020 3M
2019 CVS Health
2018 General Mills