Consortium referrals: Thankful you’ve sent us so many names

24-hour-referrals-by-categoryWhat are we thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend? We’re thankful for nearly 40 Consortium referrals in the past 24 hours! Over the previous weekend, we launched a new page inviting anyone who could recommend a potential Consortium member to submit that information to us.

We promoted the new page on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages first thing on Monday morning. We also sent an e-blast to our current students and alumni around lunchtime. Now, about 24 hours later, we have 38 new names to follow up with. That’s 38 new Consortium referrals, 38 new prospective members.

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Thanks to the following people for submitting Consortium referrals to us: Ryan Day, Franklin Mora, Alvaro Mendizabal, Alexandra Becker, Jessica Latten, Donald Mixon, Chloe Fagan-Tucker, Aditya Merchant, Tai Adkins, Courtney Lee, Camille D. Clark, Abel Garcia, Onyebuchi Chilaka, Christina E. Markle, Stella Ashaolu, Faye Tippy, Milan Moncrief, Adam Guthrie, Vera Carter, Salvador Ocampo, David Hoyos, Audrey Capers, John (?), Megan Barbieri, Alexander Cain, Kyle Briscoe, Ngozi ntamere, Mark Jones, Brace, Raymond Ibe, Erica Smith, and Kedon Wilson.

We have referrals from alumni as far back as 1981 and students as recent as the class of 2017. Some of you submitted more than one prospect, too. So, again, thank you for that.

As the pie chart to the right shows, most of the 38 Consortium referrals so far came from current students. The bar graph at the top shows which schools were represented among students and alumni.

Keep up the good work! We can’t do it without the Consortium community. And have a Happy Thanksgiving.