The Consortium’s story, celebrated by Washington University in St. Louis

In a detailed story for the alumni magazine of Washington University in St. Louis, readers learned the background and history of The Consortium through the eyes of some of its most dedicated alumni who participated during the decades of the 2010s, the 2000s, the 1980s and the 1970s.

“It was my obligation to come back and communicate that this wasn’t just about going to school for business,” Leroy Nunery (WashU MBA ’79) said in the article, as he described returning to campus to encourage future MBA students. “It’s about shaping a society based on your presence.”

Today, Nunery runs his own education consulting firm in Philadelphia. In 1977, he was part of The Consortium’s 10th class of students as a first-year MBA student at Washington University.

The three-part article focuses on The Consortium’s mission and how it began; five alumni who credit their success in part to their association with The Consortium; and Sterling Schoen, the WashU business professor who had the vision and founded The Consortium in 1966, along with his wife, Patricia Schoen, who stood by him through its early life. Pat Schoen died a year ago.

The piece is a lovely Valentine’s Day gift to The Consortium. Read more here.

Pictured above: Candace Armour, founder of Epic Fab Girl, a 2014 WashU MBA graduate and a member of The Consortium.