The Consortium in the news

The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management is comprised of a number of subject-matter experts in MBA education, diversity and corporate recruiting. These are some highlights of Consortium appearances in the media.

Maximize Odds of Earning a Full Ride to Business School
U.S. News & World Report, Nov. 9, 2017
“Aspiring MBAs who are still in college should take their business school entrance exams before graduating to maximize their scores, says Peter Aranda, executive director and CEO of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, a nonprofit organization that grants full-tuition MBA fellowships.”

The Benefits of Linking Business with Business Educators
MediaPlanet, March 30, 2017
A column by Consortium CEO/Executive Director Peter J. Aranda III. Corporate leaders are still slow to grasp the economic need to diversify their workforce, which demands relationships with promising leaders-in-the-making.

McRobbie: IU committed to diversity
Indianapolis Star, Feb. 21, 2017
“(The Consortium) is testament to IU’s longstanding commitment to diversity, which we are recognizing on our campuses once again as part of Black History Month, and which we believe is essential to the enduring success of any great university.”

The Consortium Blazes Paths to Career Success
Black Enterprise magazine, Nov. 30, 2016
“You could benefit from an organization that has been supporting promising young leaders since 1966. The Consortium, along with its powerful network of corporate partners, supports students and business people from all over the United States.”

The Consortium, Born In A Turbulent Time, Marks 50 Years
Poets & Quants, July 6, 2016
“…50 years later, as it is celebrated as a major milestone in business education even as it continues to expand, the Consortium’s mission remains as relevant as ever.”

One Way Business Schools Attract Black Students: With Black Students
BloombergBusiness, April 21, 2015
The statistics are “an indication, critics say, that business schools are out of step with the companies that rely on them for talent. As American businesses prepare to serve a marketplace that is less and less white, that mismatch threatens to become a liability.”

Support Your Study at Prestigious Universities With These Scholarships
US News & World Report, “The Scholarship Coach,” April 2, 2015
“Honing in on your field of interest can also help your scholarship search at prestigious universities. Programs like the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management could be a career-changing opportunity for aspiring MBA students.”

Business Schools Are Still Lagging Behind in Black MBA Candidates Despite Growing Desire for Diversity in Corporate America
Atlanta Black Star, April 22, 2015
“Business schools have long insisted that they are doing everything they can to help Black students get into MBA programs, but critics say that’s far from the truth.”

Recruiters Tap Into New MBA Students – Before School Starts
BusinessBecause, Aug. 7, 2014
“Its June 5 event is one of the biggest opportunities for early recruitment. Students gather to network with future classmates and interview with a plethora of leading brands.”

How Elite B-Schools Pump Up Applicant Pools
Wall Street Journal, June4, 2014
“Applications are rising at many elite U.S. business schools, but the increase may be more of a triumph of marketing than a growing appetite for business degrees.”

Why Your MBA Class Is Not As Diverse As You Think
BusinessBecause, April 4, 2014
“Over-emphasis on the GMAT and a lack of research into the multicultural marketplace are among the reasons, says head of leading US diversity organisation.”

Recruiters Push Early Access to New M.B.A. Students
Wall Street Journal, Sept. 4, 2013
“First-year M.B.A. students are arriving on campus this fall with fading tans, first-day-of-class jitters and, increasingly, summer internship offers.”

Want a Diverse C-Suite? Start at B-School
Wall Street Journal, July 5, 2012
“Chief Executive Peter Aranda says Consortium member schools have substantially higher minority enrollment than top-50 programs that are not members of the group…”

Business Schools Short on Diversity
Wall Street Journal, July 4, 2012
“[Schools] cloud the picture by the way that they report statistics. There’s certainly a portion of the general public that thinks 30 percent is a good number.”

To Foster Diversity, Paint the Big Picture
New York Times, “Career Couch,” July 2, 2011
“Keep in mind that inclusion is a two-way street. When your group hosts for events, it’s important to invite everyone at the company. ‘What you need to be careful about with affinity groups is that you aren’t creating segregation by being exclusive.'”

Hold Managers Accountable for Advancing Multicultural Women
Working Mother, May 24, 2011
“As women of color move up the corporate ladder, their numbers shrink dramatically, to 13 percent of managers, 7 percent of senior managers — and wait for it — only 3 percent of corporate executives.”

Minority Recruiting In M.B.A. Programs
Wall Street Journal, Aug. 16, 2006
“…the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, which annually awards more than 350 minority fellowships funded by companies and member schools.”

Reaching Out: In the quest to increase minority enrollment, success stories are rare
Wall Street Journal, Sept. 9, 2002
“Michigan was an early member of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, an association of schools and corporate sponsors that provides fellowships to minority students. Slowly, the minority applicant pool began to grow.”