Prospective Partners

Competitive advantage through partnership with The Consortium

Are you considering a partnership with The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management? The benefits are many, as are the rewards. The case for partnership is simple: Competitive, early and continuous access to the brightest and most prepared MBAs in the diversity space. And you would be joining 75 existing corporate partners that are already taking advantage of this opportunity.

Last year, our partners leveraged their Consortium relationship by taking advantage of numerous opportunities to expand their capacity to successfully recruit and retain top-level diverse MBA talent.

Our students are highly vetted through the admissions process at our top-tier member schools and by The Consortium team itself. We represent nearly 1700 current diverse MBA prospects and more than 12,000 alumni with experience across a wide range of industries and executive leadership functions.

Based on Our Class of 2024 Statistics, Our Students Are:

  • 23 to 46 years of age, averaging 30
  • 47 percent male, 52 percent female; 1 percent decline to state
  • 39 percent African American; 33 percent Hispanic American; 1 percent American Indian; 12 percent Asian American; 8 percent Caucasian; 5 percent two or more races; 2 percent unkown
  • Average Full-Time Work Experience: 59 months
  • U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents

Membership Can Pay for Itself

Considering that the cost of hiring an executive recruiter to fill a leadership position can cost $30,000 to $50,000, the cost of a Consortium membership can pay for itself very quickly, by providing access to not one, but many highly talented prospects.

Additionally, our partners report a higher yield rate for converting summer interns to full-time hires.

To learn more about becoming a corporate partner, please contact Angel McKay, Director, Corporate Development, at or call 636-681-5455.