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Experienced Hires Initiative Yields 15 Alumni Hires

To date, The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management’s Experienced Hires initiative has yielded 15 alumni hires for various companies in positions such as executive advisor, communications development analyst, director of distribution performance and finance manager, to name a few.

Through this program, The Consortium initiate intake calls, post job openings on our website, push out open positions via our alumni channel, manage initial applicant flow, do initial candidate outreach, vet candidates and process candidate slate.

With more than 9,000 alumni, adding more alumni networking opportunities has become a top priority.

“Corporate partners were taking advantage of first and second year talent, but hadn’t tapped into the vastness and richness of our alumni network,” said Consortium Assistant Vice President of Talent Engagement, Brian Wesley.

Since 2017, we have held eight alumni networking events. In 2018, we have successfully held networking events with Microsoft, a non-sponsor that hired 27 students in 2017, in Seattle; with Google in New York City, and at the 2018 Orientation Program in Orlando.

Written by Tiffany Hudson

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