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Brian Wesley, assistant vice president for talent engagement.

Facilitating mid-career moves for experienced alumni

Brian Wesley pairs alumni with our corporate partners to facilitate mid-career moves.

At The Consortium, we’re great at launching post-MBA careers. In my new role at The Consortium, we’re going to get great at cultivating mid-career moves, pairing alumni with our corporate partners at the intersection of opportunity and preparation.

I’m Brian Wesley and as The Consortium’s new talent engagement leader, that’s the role I now play in the organization. I have the great fortune of working with two of the three VIGs (Very Important Groups) that are critical to The Consortium’s success: alumni and corporate partners.

Our alumni rise in their post-MBA careers, building their toolkits with fantastic and valuable experiences. Meanwhile, our corporate partners create and fill unbelievably cool career opportunities at various levels of their organizations.

In my new role, I take inventory of those unbelievably cool opportunities from our corporate partners. Then, I match them with our alumni’s fantastic experiences. The result: Create those mid-career moves. That’s why I like to call it the intersection of opportunity and preparation.

Why Me?

Why am I the right guy for this job? Well, to start with, I came from the other side of the equation, from the world of management consulting. I’ve been one of those Consortium corporate partners on the lookout for experienced hires for positions in our company.

Before consulting, I spent several years in various HR leadership roles—including talent acquisition and diversity and inclusion—at some of the world’s best companies. I’ve even brought some on as Consortium corporate partners.

Our objective at The Consortium is simple. We want to help our corporate partners connect, cultivate and convert top talent from some of the globe’s best universities (our third VIG). In my role, I connect with our experienced alums, cultivate relationships with our corporate partners and connect them both at the intersection of opportunity and preparation.

How to Get Involved

You can connect with this initiative in a couple of ways: As an alumni member, update your profile/resume in CGSM Online. Contact me directly for consideration in confidential searches. As a corporate partner, you can connect with me directly and we can discuss a sourcing strategy for your searches. Email me at or call 636-681-5445.

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