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Frequently Asked Questions

General Frequently Asked Questions About The Consortium

What does The Consortium do?

We are a nonprofit alliance of top-tier business schools and corporate partners dedicated to increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in business education and corporate leadership. We do this by collaborating with our member schools to recruit MBA candidates who share our mission; several of them receive full-tuition, merit-based fellowships to the MBA programs they attend.

Even before they become members of The Consortium, MBA prospects can apply to as many member schools offered at the time they are applying through our website at rates deeply discounted from what it would cost to apply separately.

Once admitted to one of our member schools and to The Consortium, members have the benefit of our network of more than 12,000 alumni, as well as attendance at our annual Orientation Program & Career Forum. There, students attend an intense slate of MBA preparation workshops and networking events, exposing them to job opportunities even before they set foot in the classroom.

We typically recruit a class of more than 500 students each academic year. In 2019, we recruited a record 500 students. At any one time, 900 to 1,000 Consortium students are attending one of our 23 member schools.

The Consortium receives operational support from its 80 corporate partners and from individual donations, which underwrites our operations and the annual Orientation Program & Career Forum. Members schools provide the funding opportunities.

No. The mission of The Consortium is to increase the ranks of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in business education and corporate leadership. We believe the best way to accomplish that is by recruiting MBA prospects who share a “demonstrated commitment” to that mission — regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

When it was originally founded, The Consortium only recruited African American men. In 1970, that mission was expanded to include women, as well as Hispanic Americans and Native Americans. That mission further evolved to open eligibility to any U.S. citizen or permanent resident who can show that “demonstrated commitment” to our mission through the application process.

Peter J. Aranda III is the executive director and CEO of The Consortium. He is also the first of The Consortium’s leaders to be an alumnus of the program. He received a Consortium fellowship in 1985 to attend Washington University in St. Louis, where he received his MBA in 1987.

  • $665 million-plus: Funding provided to Consortium members since our inception
  • 10,000-plus: Consortium alumni since 1968
  • 1,100-plus: Applications for Consortium membership received annually
  • 1,000-plus: Consortium students attending our member schools each year
  • 80: Corporate partners supporting The Consortium
  • 23: Member schools

Prospective Students

Do I have to apply to The Consortium and my MBA programs separately? 

No! You can apply for Consortium membership, to the MBA programs at our member schools, and a chance to receive The Consortium fellowship just through The Consortium’s application.

If you are applying through The Consortium’s application, you would only need to abide by The Consortium’s application deadlines.

To apply through The Consortium’s application, you must be a U.S. citizen/permanent resident, have a bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited institution upon hitting submit, and demonstrate commitment to The Consortium’s mission. Individuals of any race or ethnicity may apply.

No. You may only apply to the traditional, full-time programs at our member schools, with Emory University and Kellogg School of Management’s one-year programs being the exception.

This depends on the school. Please confirm with your school whether you can apply for one of their dual-degree programs through The Consortium’s application.

The Consortium will use your mission essays, mission recommendation, and resume to determine your membership status.

Schools will only see the core application and the questions included in their supplement. Schools will not see responses to other school supplements, the mission essay, or the mission recommendation.

GMAT®: 9X4-6J-59
GRE: 0483

To release your official Executive Assessment score, use the name of our program: The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management.

Yes, you may still re-take your test. You should check with the schools to which you are applying before you schedule the test so that the next available test date will be within an acceptable time frame for the school to consider your new score. Once you schedule the test, notify the schools of your new test date so that they will anticipate the new test score. When you take the test, you can select The Consortium to receive your scores and we’ll forward them along to your schools.

The Consortium does not use test scores to evaluate candidates for Consortium membership. It is our member schools that make the admissions and funding decisions. We recommend that you contact the schools you’re interested in for more information.

Please see The Consortium’s Test Score Waiver Policy and Procedure here.

Yes, you can upload an official or unofficial transcript to your application as long as it isn’t a screenshot or portal printout. Please note that those applying to University of California, Berkeley will need to upload their official transcripts.

If your study abroad program was through a school other than where you received your degree, then yes. We need an official copy of your transcript from any school from which you received credit. This also includes summer sessions at community colleges.

By completing The Consortium’s application, you are excused from completing the member schools’ direct applications. However, if your school requires any other materials, they will reach out to you directly.

Yes, if you feel one person can best fill out these two recommendations, you may use one person. Please note that you will need to use two different emails for this recommender when filling out their information in the application.

You can certainly consider a past employer, a former coworker, a current coworker, or a client that can speak to the quality of your work. We suggest using your optional essay to explain your situation if you feel it necessary.

While you won’t be able to take part in any of The Consortium’s benefits, we will still forward your application to schools and they can make their admissions decision. You may also reapply for membership consideration through The Consortium’s application once the new cycle begins (August 15th).

Depending on your membership decision, admissions decision, and the number of schools you applied to, you could potentially be offered multiple funding. Please note that once you accept one school’s funding offer, you formally decline the other offers. Funding opportunities are unable to be transferred or deferred.

The Consortium funding may cover up to full tuition and required fees for your MBA studies. You may also be offered partial funding depending on criteria evaluated by your member school. Not every Consortium Fellow is offered funding opportunities. 

No. Applicants may only apply to The Consortium using one of our application deadlines. You should make sure to have all required materials ready to submit by the deadline you choose (either October 15 or January 5).

For information on the reapplication process and what materials you can reuse, please visit The Consortium’s Applicant Help Center.

No. You must be enrolled at a Consortium member school to formally become a Consortium Fellow.

Once your application has been submitted, The Consortium staff will ensure that it is complete. If it is not complete, you will be notified via email of the missing components. If it is complete, The Consortium will forward the application to the schools. The schools will then process the application according to their procedures. You will receive notification of your admissions decisions and funding opportunities from each school directly. The Consortium notifies applicants of membership decisions via email by December 1 for Round 1 and by March 1 for Round 2.

The Consortium uses an online system to process applications and distribute them to the schools. Schools then process your application using their respective procedures and input your materials into their own system. As a result, there may be a delay in your portal being updated, or it may not be updated at all. Check with your program for details. 

Consortium students and alumni are expected to continue promoting diversity in business schools and in management positions within corporations, to participate in the Orientation Program and Consortium events in cities near you and to spread the word to others!

Corporate Partners

As a corporate partner, who is your first point of contact at The Consortium? 

Glenda Hibbert, Manager, Development Services. She can be contacted at 636-681-5442 (phone), 636-681-5499 (fax) or

Customize your OP strategy to fit your company’s individual needs. This includes:

  • Having conversations with your recruiting team
  • Taking advantage of executive visits with Peter Aranda, Executive Director and CEO and/or Kimberly Alexander, Vice President, Development
  • Contacting Angel McKay, Director of Corporate Development, to establish your OP footprint.

Use Hello Fellow for resume sourcing, job postings and e-blasts. This consists of:

  • Reviewing the CGSM Student Look Book immediately after receipt. This arrives via email three weeks prior to OP.
  • Sourcing student resumes, identifying potential internship hires and experienced hires. The 1st year student resumes are uploaded to Hello Fellow mid-May, approximately three weeks prior to OP.

Have multiple touch-points with students. This can be done by:

  • Informing students of your attendance at OP and letting them know what your OP Footprint looks like.
  • Inviting students to your underwriting events. Include an RSVP date on invitations, offering alternate networking opportunities in the case of a declined invitation.
  • Establishing a ticket-distribution touch point at OP for students who have accepted your invitations.

Complete the hiring survey. This survey is emailed in mid-April to collect data on open positions. Survey data is shared prior to OP with member schools, students and alumni.

Place yourself in the student’s shoes, understanding that OP can be an overwhelming experience. Your Consortium alumni are the best resource for gathering information from a student perspective.

Here are some tips:

  • Have a centralized scheduler for your on-site interviews.
  • Allow campus recruiters who interview interns to conduct your interviews. They understand where the students are in their journey.
  • Students assess a company’s commitment to diversity by how well the organization is represented. In addition to sending your diversity and college relations executives to OP, you should also:
    • Send Consortium alumni from your company to recruit and/or to represent your company. They can communicate their experiences and make an impression of your company.
    • Have senior level hiring managers in attendance.
    • Be everywhere the students are. This can be established by having a solid OP footprint. Hosting an OP gives you the ultimate exposure.
  • Always remain aware of your competition. Remember to be creative by:
    • Taking advantage of both formal and informal networking activities.
    • Attending the entire conference for more student interaction.
  • Interact with CAB members and university representatives. CAB members can share recruiting and retention best practices. University representatives can offer valuable insight about Consortium students, alumni and acceptable hiring timelines.
  • Use Hello Fellow for resume sourcing, job postings and e-blasts.

Here are some tips:

Continue the communication with students. It’s best to:

  • Follow-up with students immediately after OP.
  • Invite targeted students to your campus during the summer to familiarize them with your corporate environment.
  • Follow-up once again with students close to November, giving them time to start school.

Do not extend exploding offers (offers that are retracted if not accepted within a specific timeframe).

  • Take advantage of Regional Recruiting Receptions.
  • Corporate partners can host regional recruiting receptions targeting potential applicants to our member schools.
  • The Consortium Recruiting Team communicates the value of our fellowship program, encouraging minorities to pursue an MBA.
  • Work with Consortium Alumni Regional Representatives (CARRs) to connect with experienced hires throughout the country.

Complete the Annual Corporate Partner Assessment Survey. This survey is emailed in mid-July to measure your individual needs and gauge your overall satisfaction with The Consortium.

Leverage your campus visits. Be sure to:

  • Notify The Consortium of visits planned to our member schools.
  • Contact student liaisons to assist in arranging and scheduling your visit to encourage attendance.
  • Notify Consortium students that you’ll be on campus and invite them to meet with you. Host receptions and/or info sessions.

Be sure to attend national diversity recruiting events such as NBMBAA, NSBE, SHPE, etc. Take advantage of early access to students and continue building relationships.

Use Hello Fellow for resume sourcing, job postings and e-blasts.

Use the interns so that they can spread the word during their second year.

Remember to reuse old Look Books because they become the alumni pipeline of the future.

Benefit levels are posted on The Consortium’s website under “Corporate Partners.”

Contact Glenda Hibbert, Manager, Development Services, at 636-681-5442 or

To better serve our annual OP constituents, we conduct an Annual Hiring Survey for corporate partners in April. The survey consists of 14 questions, related to your talent acquisition and recruitment efforts. Survey data allows us to:

  • determine specific hiring needs at your company
  • detail all functional areas at your company with career opportunities
  • be able to counsel, advise and guide you as it relates to your recruiting strategies

Survey data is shared with member schools, students and alumni, as it relates to internship and career opportunities at your company. Survey completion is an integral component in obtaining a positive return on investment (ROI).

To better serve our corporate partners, we conduct an annual Corporate Partner Assessment Survey in July. The survey consists of 16 questions, related to your talent acquisition needs and overall satisfaction with The Consortium. Survey data allows us to:

  • Determine the specific needs of your company
  • Make future process improvements
  • Gauge your overall satisfaction with the partnership

Survey data is only shared internally.

Survey completion is important to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

What channels are available through The Consortium for company exposure?

We can offer exposure through these channels:

  • The Consortium blog
  • The Consortium website
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram)
  • Recruiting and Development’s Program Overview
  • OP
    • Signage
    • Conference Resource Guide

The Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) was created in 1989. It is comprised of leaders from major corporations (corporate partners) across the country and other members of the business community. The CAB committee:

  • Acts as an advisory board to the Consortium and influences the scope of Consortium programs
  • Serves to heighten the visibility of The Consortium in the corporate community and further enhance its reputation
  • Plays a critical role in attracting the interest of highly-qualified underrepresented minorities in careers and business management
  • Provides direction, guidance and support to The Consortium on general policy matters, strategic planning, growth initiatives, fundraising and benchmarking against other diversity-related organizations
  • Makes recommendations, comments and suggestions to the Board of Trustees
  • Serves as custodians of corporate citizenship to all Consortium constituent groups

CAB membership is offered at specific corporate partnership levels. For more information on this benefit, please contact Angel McKay, Director, Corporate Development, at 636-681-5455 or

Consider these steps:

  • We ask alumni to visit the corporate partners list on our website.
  • We ask alumni to visit the corporate partner’s career site.
  • If there is an opportunity of interest, the alumni should apply for the position.
  • Once the alumnus has applied, he or she should email alumni relations. The email should include the position(s) applied for. In turn, alumni relations will provide him or her with the name and email address of The Consortium contact at the company of interest.

Competitive salary information for each of our member schools is available by clicking here. A combined student employment report is available at certain partnership levels. Please contact Angel McKay, Director, Corporate Development, for additional information at 636-681-5455 or

Jeff Farris, Director, Database Operations, at 636-681-5452 or

Job postings are active for 60 days by default, but a custom expiration date may be selected.

Job postings are normally approved within one business day unless there are questions about the posting.

E-blasts may be submitted as text in a Word document with your company logo attached separately. Alternatively, HTML code may be submitted.

Yes, Hello Fellow training is available for individuals and teams. Contact Jeff Farris at 636-681-5452 or to schedule a training.


How can I connect with other alumni in my area?

Join our networking and engagement platform, Hello Fellow. It takes only a few minutes to create a profile and begin searching the network for fellow alumni.

We encourage you to visit the career sites of our partners to identify roles that interest you. After applying, contact our Alumni Relations team to inform us of the position’s title. We will notify the partner of your action, and when deemed permissible, will make an introduction. Additionally, check the Hello Fellow career center for experienced-level job opportunities.

We know there are many entrepreneurs within our ranks. Bi-annually, we create and publish an Alumni Business Directory for alumni to showcase their goods and services within the CGSM community. If you have an independently owned and operated company you want included in the directory, submit your business profile here.

Access to alumni for job opportunities requires an annual partnership agreement between The Consortium and your company. Our Development team is available to discuss the details and may be reached at

We are thrilled when alumni express an interest in sharing the time, resources, and life experiences with the MBA classes after them. There are various opportunities which include:

  • Advocacy. Assist The Consortium with an introduction to leaders within your organization to discuss the benefits of partnership. Contact our Development team at to schedule a meeting.
  • Volunteerism. Give of your time and talents to be a panelist in a workshop or virtual seminar, mentor an MBA fellow, or join an alumni committee to elevate post MBA experiences. Our Alumni Relations team can elaborate and these opportunities and others. Contact a team
    member at
  • Stewardship. Donate a gift to The Consortium. Your financial support ensures that the benefits you received as student will continue for future MBA fellows and our mission to increase the numbers of underrepresented groups in business schools and corporate America prevails for many years to come.