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Knowledge that’s ‘true’ and ‘real’

I am a CGSM Alumna from Indiana University-Bloomington Kelley School of Business, Class of 2010. Currently, I live in the Dallas, Texas area. The post B-School journey has taken some interesting turns for me. I have spent the bulk of the time working for CPG manufacturers as a Brand Marketing Manager.

In the nearly eight years since I graduated, I have learned a lot about navigating my career, almost all through mistakes. I realized, as an African American and a woman, I was not alone in my struggle to actualize my definition of success in corporate America.

In 2017, I launched The Trill MBA Show, a live internet radio show, where I authentically and vulnerably talk about the struggles of succeeding in Corporate America as a person of color. I give the step by step knowledge that people don’t give you. I interview people who have made it through Corporate trials and tribulations and we talk about the real parts of the journey, the stuff people are afraid to talk about, such as…you didn’t get a full-time offer, now what do you do?

Currently, I’m in production on Season 2 of the Trill MBA Show. As the Trillest MBA you will ever know, my #1 Goal is to help you survive and thrive in Corporate America by getting you the real life information on how you can thrive in Corporate America. I will share people’s real life stories and get to the heart of what they got right, what they got wrong and what they learned to get to the level of success they are at now.

New episodes of the Trill MBA show are available everywhere you listen to your favorite podcast. Check out episodes from Season 1 at

Submitted by Felicia Enuha

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