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First of Many: Paying it Forward to Advance The Consortium’s Mission

For the second year in a row, Fortive Corporation sponsored The Consortium’s 2019 First of Many Campaign to encourage incoming students to give back to the organization by paying it forward. Part of The Consortium’s Annual Orientation Program & Career Forum (OP), the campaign is designed to foster a spirit of philanthropy that will carry over once students graduate and begin their careers.

The goal is to achieve 100 percent participation by all member schools before the end of OP. The amount of the gift is irrelevant, says Adrienne Thomas, manager of student and alumni relations for The Consortium. To help spur friendly competition among member schools, in 2019, Fortive sponsored two contests, contributing a total of $10,000 to The Consortium on behalf of the winning institutions. The first school to reach 100 percent student participation and the school with the highest average gift had $6,000 and $4,000, respectively, donated on their behalf.

Dan Magnia, director of human resources at Fortive, says the opportunity to help advance The Consortium’s mission by encouraging students to give back aligns with Fortive’s own commitment to philanthropy.

“We believe in the spirit of giving back, in impacting the communities in which we work,” he says. “The First of Many Campaign allows us to foster the spirit of philanthropy across the incoming class and set the expectation for them to find opportunities to pay it forward.”

And who doesn’t like a little friendly competition, says Magnia.

“Across our business, we are constantly asking ourselves ‘how do we win?’ Winning for The Consortium means achieving our mission,” he says. “We won’t win unless we have sustained support from current students, alums, corporate partners and schools alike.”

By supporting the efforts of The Consortium, Fortive is also able to bolster its own diversity and inclusion efforts and gain access to diverse professionals.

Dan Magnia

“The Consortium is a unique and strategic partner for us as we gain access to top diverse talent before they step foot on campus,” says Magnia, “and we are able to share how Fortive can grow their career and ultimately them as a leader.”

For Magnia, giving back to The Consortium is personal. A Consortium alum and 2010 graduate of Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, he says he would not be where he is today without the help of the organization. “I cannot put a price on that,” he says.

Magnia has continued to give back to The Consortium by serving as a board member; providing mentorship, guidance and support to the board and students; and, of course, encouraging his employer to also support the organization.

“I am thankful for what [The Consortium] has done for me and believe it is important to continue to find opportunities to support the organization, whether that’s through my personal efforts or influencing the efforts of my employer,” he says.

Magnia believes all alumni should seek out opportunities to pay forward what The Consortium has given to them. This, he says, helps perpetuate the cycle of access and opportunity — an area that hits close to home for Magnia.

“I come from a small town where about 10 percent of the adult population earns a college degree. Statistically, I probably shouldn’t be here,” he says. “For me and for so many individuals at The Consortium, overcoming circumstance, defying odds and realizing our potential wouldn’t be possible without this organization and others like it.”

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