You are invited to submit your application to The Consortium. Selection is based on evidence of your commitment to The Consortium’s mission of promoting the inclusion of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in American business.

Selection is based on community activism, professional involvement and life experience, and should be documented both in your application essay, résumé and at least one letter of recommendation.

The Consortium staff will review your membership essay and recommendation to determine your fit with The Consortium.
 Schools will not have access to the membership components of your essay. Membership decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

We’re looking for demonstrated, long-term commitment to The Consortium’s mission that began long before you applied to business school. We’re happy to provide you with examples of the kinds of activities and organizations that are in line with our mission:

We recognize time spent with organizations like the following as supporting our mission:

  • Leadership Education And Development (LEAD)
  • Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)
  • Forté
  • Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
  • Urban League
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

In addition, participation in college, community and professional organizations before and after undergraduate graduation can demonstrate your commitment. Examples include:

  • Fraternity or sorority membership and activities that align with the mission
  • Campus chapters of NAACP, Urban League and similar organizations
  • Organizations that support outreach to the local community and that serve The Consortium’s mission constituency

We also reward your involvement in professional organizations that work to enhance the representation of The Consortium’s target groups within American business.

This is not limited to volunteer time, of course. Employment or engagement with organizations that serve our core communities, such as Teach for America, is an outstanding representation of your commitment to the cause.

Life Experience
Your personal life experiences can also be used to show commitment to the mission. Examples include serving as a positive role model in your community, or working to change the perceptions of historically underrepresented groups.