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Phyllis Scott Buford stamps: A hat-tip to her leadership

Phyllis Scott Buford certainly put her stamp on The Consortium. This is one small way we’re commemorating her service.

No one can argue that Phyllis Scott Buford didn’t put her stamp on The Consortium. Today, we’ve begun another small commemoration of Dr. Buford’s life. For the balance of 2016, we’re covering postage for outgoing mail with a Phyllis Scott Buford commemorative stamp.

Since her death on June 5, while we were celebrating the 50th annual Orientation Program & Career Forum in St. Louis, we’ve had plenty of time to recall Dr. Buford’s contributions. After her leadership as The Consortium’s third CEO, corporate partners stepped more front-and-center in service to our mission.

They provided substantial underwriting for a much bigger, more rigorous Orientation Program. The Orientation Program moved from a cost center to a revenue-generating part of our operation. Corporate partners had a stronger voice in the governance of The Consortium through the Corporate Advisory Board.

The commemorative stamp (produced through‘s customization service) is certainly not meant as a definitive tribute, but we thought it would be a nice tip of our cap to Dr. Buford and her Consortium leadership from 1996 to 2002.

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