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The place for MBAs at Facebook: From a Sept. 15 live event

Consortium partners frequently host webinars to expose our students and alumni to employment opportunities, information about their corporate culture and how they go about recruiting and retaining team members.

Our partner Facebook took the process in a different direction on Sept. 15, hosting a Facebook Live event from its California headquarters that featured four staff members representing sales and operations, sales compensation, the Pages team and recruiting. The event was open to members of the Consortium class of 2017 when it happened, and now available more broadly.

Facebook’s participants were Joel Jones, vice president of sales planning and operations; Jeanine Henry, operations manager; Robert Jones, sales compensation; and Kiva Wilson, diversity program manager.

The wide-ranging 40-minute conversation took questions from Consortium members. Topics included:

  • How Facebook has grown and managed scaling a variety of new team operations.
  • Projects the Facebook participants have been involved in that were particularly memorable.
  • Interview questions as they applied for their Facebook jobs that either stumped them — or that they fumbled.
  • What a typical day is like and how Facebook employees work across functions.
  • What place an MBA has in the Facebook organization.
  • What does work-life balance look like at Facebook?
  • How diversity plays a role in Facebook.
  • The qualities Facebook managers look for when they hire new employees.
  • How Facebook managers are engaged in the career path of their team members.


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