Career Search

Take control of your career search with The Consortium

Corporate recruiters learned long ago that the education delivered by MBA programs, such as those represented in The Consortium, makes you an almost certain investment when it comes time to find management talent. In fact, the recruiters are so confident of the abilities of Consortium graduates that they are willing to begin the recruitment process even before your very first MBA class.

The Annual Orientation Program & Career Forum provides a number of opportunities to network both informally and formally with corporate recruiters. Each interaction creates an impression of you in the recruiter’s mind. Some recruiters even interview at the Orientation Program for internships that will not begin for another 12 months. This intense focus on careers provides an amazing opportunity but also creates a very real risk.

Students who are not able to clearly convey their priorities in the career search will appear unfocused to the recruiters and actually lose opportunities in the process.

Recruiters are looking for graduates who are self-aware and understand their own personal career interests and passions. If you are able to clearly convey an understanding of the skills and environment in which they operate together with your own background that matches, you will make the positive impression that you desire.

Here are some tips on what you can be doing now and during the Orientation Program that will help you in your career search endeavors:

  • Conduct your self-assessment now and start evaluating what careers are a best match for you.
  • Arrive at the Orientation Program with at least a preliminary understanding of the careers offered by the corporate sponsors – the recruiter’s survey will be a help in this regard, as well as research you can do via your school’s career databases.
  • Reach out to the students at your new school who have just completed their first year and still have vivid memories of the Orientation Program. Contact second-year students and alumni who have worked/interned at firms you are interested in pursuing and ask for their input on your career search – they have valuable advice. Get an insider’s perspective from them.
  • Attend the workshops, breakfasts and career panels at the Orientation Program to help refine your understanding of the career that you would like to pursue after graduation.
  • Relax and be yourself – really! If you are prepared with knowledge of the positions that they offer and your own skills and how the two match, you will be able to confidently and comfortably interact with the recruiters during the Orientation Program.
  • Be gracious and considerate of your fellow Consortium students. There truly is not competition for the positions offered by the recruiters. They have ample opportunities, and the image you create of being supportive and inclusive of your classmates will create a more positive image of you and of The Consortium.

Student Testimonials:
“Do company research and be prepared for a “live” interview. The possibility of walking out of the Orientation Program with a summer internship is very real, and companies expect that you have researched them thoroughly.” Jason Rivas

“Never underestimate the time you invest with companies. Take advantage of and appreciate every opportunity given to network. That investment and genuine appreciation could lead to an awesome internship opportunity.” Carol White

“The Orientation Program is a great opportunity to broaden your focus, learn about career options that you did not previously consider, and explore companies that you may not be as familiar with. At the same time, it is smart to have a core set of companies that you know you are interested in and go full force at networking and, hopefully, interviewing with them. While you can take a more relaxed, exploratory approach with companies new to your radar, be serious about your core companies and prepare for their interviews diligently. I received this same advice going into the Orientation Program, and I was able to get an internship offer because of it.” Miguel Jauregui

Helpful Links:

  1. Career Leader self-assessment tool – check with your school to see if they have their own link
  2. The Vault guide for information on various careers – check with your school’s career center to see if you can gain additional access via their site
  3. Link to the recruiter survey of what companies are coming (coming soon)