Frequently asked questions about The Consortium

Q: Do I have to apply to The Consortium and my MBA programs separately?

A: No! You can apply for Consortium membership, to the MBA programs at our member schools, and a chance to receive The Consortium fellowship just through The Consortium’s application.

Q: What should I do if my school’s deadlines are different from The Consortium’s deadlines?

A: If you are applying through The Consortium’s application, you would only need to abide by The Consortium’s application deadlines.

Q: Am I eligible to apply through The Consortium’s application?

A: To apply through The Consortium’s application, you must be a U.S. citizen/permanent resident, have a bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited institution, and demonstrate commitment to The Consortium’s mission. Individuals of any race or ethnicity may apply.

Q: Can I apply to evening, online, part-time or executive programs using The Consortium’s application?

A: You may only apply to the traditional, full-time programs at our member schools, with Emory University and Kellogg School of Management’s one-year programs being the exception.

Q: Can I apply to a dual-degree program using The Consortium’s application?

A: This depends on the school. Please confirm with your school whether you can apply for one of their dual-degree programs through The Consortium’s application.

Q: What materials does The Consortium use to evaluate me for membership?

A: The Consortium will use your mission essays, mission recommendation, and resume to determine your membership status.

Q: What items do the schools see/not see in my application?

A: Schools will only see the core application and the questions included in their supplement. Schools will not see responses to other school supplements, the mission essay, or the mission recommendation.

Q: How do I release my official test scores to The Consortium? What codes do I use?

A: GMAT®: 9X4-6J-59.
GRE: 0483.
To release your official Executive Assessment score, use the name of our program: The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management.

Q: Can I re-take my test and send an updated test score to the schools?

A: Yes, you may still re-take your test. You should check with the schools to which you are applying before you schedule the test so that the next available test date will be within an acceptable time frame for the school to consider your new score. Once you schedule the test, notify the schools of your new test date so that they will anticipate the new test score. When you take the test, you can select The Consortium to receive your scores and we’ll forward them along to your schools.

Q: What does a typical test score look like for Consortium applicants?

A: The Consortium does not use test scores to evaluate candidates for Consortium membership. It is our member schools that make the admissions and fellowship decisions. We recommend that you contact the schools you’re interested in for more information.

Q: My school granted me a test score waiver. What should I do?

A: Please see The Consortium’s Test Score Waiver Policy and Procedure here.

Q: Can I upload an unofficial transcript to my application?

A: Yes, you can upload an official or unofficial transcript to your application as long as it isn’t a screenshot or portal printout. Please note that those applying to University of California, Berkeley will need to upload their official transcripts.

Q: Do you require a transcript for a semester abroad? Or are transcripts only required when a degree was obtained?

A: If your study abroad program was through a school other than where you received your degree, then yes. We need an official copy of your transcript from any school from which you received credit. This also includes summer sessions at community colleges.

Q: Are the required materials in The Consortium’s application different than the schools’ requirements?

A: By completing The Consortium’s application, you are excused from completing the member schools’ direct applications. However, if your school requires any other materials, they will reach out to you directly.

Q: Can I use the same person for my mission and professional recommender?

A: Yes, if you feel one person can best fill out these two recommendations, you may use one person. Please note that you will need to use two different emails for this recommender when filling out their information in the application.

Q: I can’t use my current employer for a recommendation because they don’t know I’m leaving the company. What do you recommend I do?

A: You can certainly consider a past employer, a former coworker, a current coworker, or a client that can speak to the quality of your work. We suggest using your optional essay to explain your situation if you feel it necessary.

Q: What happens if I’m denied for Consortium membership?

A: While you won’t be able to take part in any of The Consortium’s benefits, we will still forward your application to schools and they can make their admissions decision. You may also reapply for membership consideration through The Consortium’s application once the new cycle begins (August 15th).

Q: How many fellowship offers can I receive?

A: Depending on your membership decision, admissions decision, and the number of schools you applied to, you could potentially be offered multiple fellowships. Please note that once you accept one school’s fellowship offer, you formally decline the other offers. Fellowships are unable to be transferred or deferred.

Q: What does the Consortium Fellowship pay for?

A: The Consortium Fellowship covers up to full-tuition and required fees for your MBA studies. It is renewable for the second year, given that you complete the first year in good academic standing.

Q: Can I apply to schools in both Round 1 and Round 2?

A: Applicants may only apply to The Consortium using one of our application deadlines. You should make sure to have all required materials ready to submit by the deadline you choose (either October 15 or January 5).

Q: I plan to reapply to The Consortium in the next cycle. How does the reapplication process work?

A: For information on the reapplication process and what materials you can reuse, please visit The Consortium’s Applicant Help Center.

Q: If I am granted membership in The Consortium, but I am not admitted to a member school, can I still be a member?

A: Unfortunately, no. You must be enrolled at a Consortium member school to formally become a Consortium Member.

Q: I’ve successfully submitted my application. What happens next? When will I receive my decisions?

A: Once your application has been submitted, The Consortium staff will ensure that it is complete. If it is not complete, you will be notified via email of the missing components. If it is complete, The Consortium will forward the application to the schools. The schools will then process the application according to their procedures. You will receive notification of your admissions and fellowship decisions from each school directly. The Consortium notifies applicants of membership decisions via email by December 1 for Round 1 and by March 1 for Round 2.

Q: I turned everything to The Consortium, but my school portal says I’m missing materials. What happened?

A: The Consortium uses an online system to process applications and distribute them to the schools. Schools then process your application using their respective procedures and input your materials into their own system. As a result, there may be a delay in your portal being updated.

Q: What is expected of a Consortium member while in school, and after graduation?

A: Consortium students and alumni are expected to continue promoting diversity in business schools and in management positions within corporations, to participate in the Orientation Program and Consortium events in cities near you and to spread the word to others!