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Test Score Waiver Policy & Procedure

Schools that offer a test score waiver option for applicants will have questions on their supplemental application regarding your interest in submitting a test score waiver request. If you would like to request a test score waiver from specific schools, answer the questions in their supplemental application with this in mind.  

By indicating that you are requesting a test score waiver in your submitted application, you agree to provide an official test score in the event you are denied a test score waiver.

As long as all other required materials (transcripts, recommendations, resume) are submitted, your application will be released to your schools so your test score waiver request can be reviewed. Schools will communicate their decision to you directly.

If you are applying to multiple schools and not all of them offer a test score waiver, you will still need to provide an official test score. As a result, all schools may be able to see your official test scores. Schools will only review these scores based upon the decision they reach regarding your test score wavier request.

If you are approved for a test score waiver, your application will be considered complete and the schools will review your application for an admission decision.

If you are denied a test score waiver, your application will be considered incomplete. You will need to release an official test score to The Consortium. The Consortium Team will forward your official test score to the appropriate school and your application will then be considered complete.