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Washington University students send video support to UVA counterparts

This video postcard showed support for WashU’s counterparts at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business in the wake of last weekend’s violent clash of protesters.

Consortium students at Washington University in St. Louis sent a video postcard showing support for their counterparts at the University of Virginia‘s Darden School of Business in the wake of last weekend’s violent clash between neo-Nazi white supremacists and counterprotesters—some of which occurred on the UVA campus.

After watching the video, Peter Aranda, The Consortium’s executive director and CEO, added his message of support (see below).

WashU’s video postcard, a 3-minute, 28-second video organized by class of ’19 first-year student Ony Mgbeahurike, also features seven other students: Jose Reynoso, Janell Cleare, Gheremey Edwards, Ricardo Mexia, Oscar Vasco, Bryant Powell and Jennifer Franklin—all first-year MBA students.

“If you need anything, hit us up and let us know,” Edwards said in his message of support and love.

“With love and support, The Consortium reaches out to our family members at Darden. Please know that you are not alone,” Aranda said after watching the video. “We are here for you at all times. Especially in these, the most trying of times.

“Hateful messages from the extremes intended to bring fear and terror have no place in our society. It is disheartening to see those fueled by ignorance use hate, fear and violence to promote their unconscionable agenda. We must stand together as members of The Consortium and as Americans to demonstrate and represent what is or what can be good and right in our country.

“We must counter ignorance with knowledge, hate with love, fear with hope, and terror with peaceable discourse. Let us continue to be leaders in this effort.

“I hope that the words from Consortium family members in St. Louis provide a source of resilience for you.”

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