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Advancing Diversity in MBA Education and Corporate Leadership.

In 1966, we pioneered the advancement of diversity in the world of business. We built an incomparable network of motivated students, top-tier member schools, leading corporations and inspiring alumni committed to transforming the status quo. Today, we are invigorated to see that same pioneering spirit bring about innovative changes in classrooms and boardrooms across the country.

 The Consortium Through the Years

 The Consortium’s first director was an unassuming business school professor from Washington University in St. Louis whose life was changed during a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Chicago in 1962. Learn more about The Consortium’s definitive history through the years:

It was in Chicago that I first conceived that our business schools might take a more active role in promoting equal opportunity employment in our country. I soon realized that Washington University by itself could make little impact on the problem, and so the idea of a consortium of leading universities was born.”

Sterling H. Schoen

The consortium, FOUNDER

Our Unwavering MIssion

Our mission, through the strength of our growing alliance and extended network, is to enhance diversity and inclusion in global business education and leadership by striving to reduce the significant underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans, in both our member schools’ enrollments and the ranks of global management, across the following sectors:

How We Achieve Our Mission

We award funding opportunities to top MBA candidates with a proven record of promoting inclusion in their community and workplace.

We provide early access to corporate partners recruiting leaders for jobs and internships and jobs.

We recruit MBA prospects, growing the pool of underrepresented minority candidates.

We maintain a vast network of students, alumni, member schools & corporate partners.

Our Impact

The MBA diversity pipeline is extremely fragile. Each year, while approximately 12,000 students enter a top full-time MBA program, only 8% are underrepresented minorities. More than 50% of diverse MBA talent enrolled in top-tier business schools come through The Consortium.

The Consortium By The Numbers

Our facts and figures are a testament to our efforts to drive impactful change:


strong alumni worldwide

$655+ m

provided in funding support since 1966




Years of service


 Top-tier member schools


Leading Fortune 500 corporate partners


Annual incoming students


Current students

Our Network

At The Consortium, we strive to connect the brightest minds with the best opportunities in the country. Thanks to our strong 360˚network of top-tier member schools, leading corporations and inspiring alumni, our students have unprecedented access to a world of business opportunities to help them attain leadership roles in a more diverse and inclusive future. 

Our network is built on these four foundational pillars:

Our Network

Our students demonstrate a deep commitment to promoting diversity in every aspect of their school and professional career.

Member Schools

We have the leading MBA programs in the country as our valued members.

Corporate Partners

We have the leading MBA programs in the country as our valued members.


Our dedicated alumni have roots all over the country and are ready to inspire our students to a successful future.

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners share our deep commitment to enhance diversity and inclusion in global business education and leadership. Thanks to them, students are redefining the world of business from the classroom to the boardroom — and heading confidently towards a successful future. The Consortium values its strategic partnerships with the following organizations:

Our Leadership Team

At the Consortium, “Diversity” and “Inclusion” are not just buzzwords; they are the credo we live by and the thoughtful actions that define us. Meet the inspiring executive team bringing our mission to life.

Peter J. Aranda III

Executive Director & CEO

Janice Wells-White, Ed.D

Vice President & COO

Glenn Wilen

VP, Finance & Administration

Kimberly Alexander

VP, Development

Words that Inspire Us



2022 Annual Report

FY 2022 revealed what we are capable of when we continue to come together to work toward a common purpose. Driven by a passion for the work of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity, The Consortium and its many supporters — students, alumni, member schools, corporate partners and donors — have found renewed purpose in joining hands, once again, to engage in this important work.

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