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A collage of resource guides from various Orientation Programs The Consortium has hosted over the years.

24 years of Orientation Program Resource Guides

A slideshow featuring years of Orientation Program Resource Guides collected over the years. See if we have your OP in our collection!

As the 50th Orientation Program & Career Forum approaches, we’ve taken time to look back on The Consortium’s history since its modest inception in 1966 and its first OP with 21 students in the summer of 1967.

Part of the process includes pulling together our archive of past Resource Guides from OP. The oldest one we’ve found is from the seventh OP in 1973. It includes a handy guide to eating and drinking establishments in the St. Louis area, complete with driving times from the Washington University campus, where OP was staged regularly for most of our first two decades.

Here’s a slideshow of the Resource Guide covers we’ve found.

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Our collection includes the covers of 24 of the 49 OPs The Consortium has staged. In addition to the 1973 volume, we have the 15th OP guide from 1981; the 25th OP guide from 1991; and all the guides from the 29th OP in 1995 forward.

NOTE: We’d love to flesh out our collection with the guides we’re missing. If you attended an OP that’s not represented here, and you still have your Resource Guide, please contact us at We’d love to make arrangements to get a copy!

A feature of all the Resource Guides is the collection of biographical information on members of the incoming class. For several years, the Resource Guide was also split into two volumes—one, including the program, published inside the Consortium’s “IN” magazine or earlier publications, the other a separate collection of those bios. (In those cases, we’ve only reproduced one cover in the slideshow above, although they often mirrored each other.)

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