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Chidi Nwosu: My business school experience is ‘transformational’

As a minority and first generation MBA in my family, the Consortium network has given me the support I needed for my business school experience.
Chidi Nwosu
Chidi Nwosu

Chidi Nwosu, a Consortium member and an MBA candidate from Michigan Ross (class of 2017) writes about his business school experience and membership in The Consortium.

I was told many times, from various people, about the magnitude of change one could expect from being accepted to a top business school program. Yet, from the time I got “the call” through today, I still find it hard to believe how much has already happened—as well as the outlook for what is to come.

My business school experience so far has been nothing short of transformational and becoming a member of The Consortium has only taken things to another level.

Now, In Demand

Shortly after being accepted to the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, I was waking up to phone calls from companies that had not shown any interest in the past. My past applications to some of these companies must have gone to the “black hole,” because I would not even get the common courtesy of a response from some of these companies.

Now, they were calling me directly to express their interest and to invite me to interview at the Orientation Program. It was then I realized the true power of having the brand of a top business school on your resume.

I’m grateful for my OP experience, not just because I successfully interviewed and was offered a summer internship, but because I had a unique opportunity to bond with my Consortium classmates at Ross, as well as many members of the 2017 class at other programs.

Action-Packed OP

We also got a taste of what our first year would be like: Too many opportunities and priorities to manage. The five days at OP were action-packed, with workshops, networking engagements, mandatory corporate-sponsored sessions and interviews.

As a minority and first generation MBA in my family, the Consortium network has given me the support and resources needed to navigate in what one would call a “firehose” of opportunity that hits you when you start school.

From day one, I had a familiar community of people to answer my questions, exchange ideas and learn from. It’s an invaluable benefit that has helped me tremendously with my adjustment back to school. The Consortium at Ross is like a family in the sense that the students genuinely care about each other and celebrate successes, as well as offer support in times when people fall short.

I recently went on a spring break trip to Trinidad & Tobago with 12 of my Consortium classmates. It was truly one of my best experiences so far in business school and I have the Consortium community to thank for it.

Pictured above: Chidi Nwosu with 11 classmates during their 2016 spring break trip to Trinidad & Tobago.

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