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Members of the Cornell University, Johnson School of Business class of 2018 at the 50th Orientation Program in St. Louis.

Consortium member schools hosting ‘diversity’ events on campus

Find out which schools are hosting diversity events on campus this fall and when they’re scheduled.

Hundreds of potential MBA students will deploy to campuses across the country this fall seeking a taste of life in business school. Business schools — including The Consortium’s 18 member schools — typically host diversity events, which are often weekend-long affairs. They draw prospects to campus and show off the variety of students, faculty and alumni they would encounter.

“Last year, we welcomed over 200 prospective students to campus for a day of networking, diversity panels, interactive workshops and presentations by both admissions and career management staff,” notes the website for the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business.

We’ve compiled a list of campus awareness/diversity weekend events. As we get more, we’ll be sure to add them. Click each for a few details. Then, link to the schools’ websites for more. In some cases, the events require students to register in advance.

[events_list limit=”30″ category=”280″]

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