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The Consortium Welcomes 20 New Corporate Partners Seeking Diverse MBA Talent

Under the direction of the Development Department, The Consortium welcomed 20 new corporate partners in less than a year. The companies span all industries and partnership levels, but the one thing they have in common is their commitment to advancing The Consortium’s mission to enhance diversity and inclusion in global business education and leadership — as well as a desire to hire top diverse MBA talent. 

We offer a warm welcome to the following companies:

Premiere Plus Level

Align Technology
Align technologyAs a premiere plus corporate partner, Align Technology intends to leverage the Consortium’s diverse talent pool and increase the number of MBAs in its workforce to help drive continued innovation and adoption of the Align digital platform. “Align’s leadership in digital orthodontics reflects the passion and purpose of our employees who represent many different backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives,” says Edward Turner, senior marketing program leader. “We are excited to be working with The Consortium to further strengthen and expand our diverse talent.”

Promoter Level

FTI Consulting
FTI ConsultingWith the goal of achieving gender parity in hiring and increasing its presence at diversity events, FTI Consulting has set specific targets with regard to campus and graduate recruiting. As such, the business advisory firm made the decision to partner with The Consortium this year. “The Consortium mission is in alignment with FTI Consulting’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Strategy as we are committed to attracting diverse professionals to ensure we are building an inclusive firm and culture,” a company representative said.

H&MCommitted to the values of diversity and inclusion, H&M focuses its efforts on providing opportunities for everyone within its communities to succeed. “The Consortium’s mission of connecting high-caliber underrepresented students with top-tier MBA programs is about creating opportunities for greater success,” says Donna Dozier Gordon, head of inclusion and diversity, H&M USA. “This work is closely aligned with H&M’s commitment to I&D, particularly our focus on empowering members of the communities in which we live and work to be more and do more through our support. We are thrilled to find and partner with those who are similarly motivated like The Consortium.”

MedtronicWith diversity, equity and inclusion an integral part of its mission for more than 60 years, medical technology company Medtronic joined The Consortium to have even greater impact. “Naturally, supporting the advancement of The Consortium’s mission supports our own mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life around the world,” a company representative said. “We understand that we are better positioned for resilience and business performance when our teams are diverse.”

VertexOne way Vertex Pharmaceuticals demonstrates its commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity is by developing a diverse pipeline of talent. “We know that when we embrace our unique perspectives and strengths, we are positioned to innovate at our best and solve some of the most difficult challenges in science and medicine,” says Diana Cruz Solash, vice president, talent and inclusion, diversity and equity, Vertex Pharmaceuticals. “We are proud to partner with The Consortium as its mission — to enhance diversity and inclusion in global business leadership by reducing the underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans — aligns with our ambition to realize the full potential of our rich diversity to deliver on our mission for patients.”

Advocate Level

American Airlines
American AirlinesThe Consortium’s mission aligns with American Airlines’ ongoing effort to create an open, inclusive culture and workplace where people from all backgrounds feel welcome and valued. Through its focus on advancing The Consortium’s mission, American Airlines is also on the path to realizing one of its most pressing goals. “We’re working to restore our company as the greatest airline in the world and can only do that with employees who are as diverse as the customers we serve,” says CEO Doug Parker. “So we must work to recruit, develop, retain and engage the very best people — those with unique perspectives and ways of thinking who can help us become the global leader we’re poised to be. Leaders of the company are then accountable for cultivating an inclusive work environment that helps unleash all of our employees’ potential, celebrating everything that a dynamic workforce has to offer.”

ChampionXChampionX is a global leader in upstream and midstream oilfield technology solutions, digital offerings, chemistry programs and services. ChampionX has a rich history built on over a century of experience — dating back to the petroleum industry’s infancy. With nearly 7,000 personnel globally, including 400 scientists and technologists in 60 countries, ChampionX is trailblazing technologies to support the industry’s net-zero emissions goals and seeking the workforce to do it. “As an advocate, we are committed to expanding The Consortium’s mission of diversity and inclusion in our workplace,” a company representative said. “Through our membership, we hope to build a diverse pipeline of talent for leadership roles now and in the future at ChampionX.”

InnosightHonored to support The Consortium’s mission, management consulting company Innosight hopes to use the opportunity to work toward achieving its own. “To fulfill Innosight’s own mission — empowering forward-thinking organizations to navigate disruptive change and own the future — we know that we need to draw on the strengths of people from all backgrounds and experiences and empower our employees to achieve at their highest potential,” a company representative said. “By partnering with The Consortium, we hope to accelerate our ambition to build a more diverse and inclusive team, while also learning and growing as an organization.”

IntuitEmpowered by recent nationwide events, fintech company Intuit has focused on accelerating its efforts to ensure it is delivering on its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Partnering with The Consortium is one way Intuit is working to meet its goal of increasing the representation of underrepresented minorities to 18 percent of its U.S.-based workforce by FY 2024. “Diverse representation is a key step in creating an inclusive and equitable environment where all employees can do the best work of their lives. Without representation, we cannot deliver for customers and achieve our mission,” says Gabrielle Woody, university talent attraction manager. “To make meaningful strides in representation, we’re increasing the aperture for recruiting to ensure we’re employing diverse talent across every level of the organization.”

Snap Inc.
Snap IncSocial media company Snap Inc. joined as a Consortium partner this year with the goal of strengthening its workforce. “The Consortium provides us with an opportunity to maximize our diversity recruitment efforts and build a strong workforce that ultimately reflects the market available talent pool,” a company representative said.

Xcel Energy
Xcel EnergyTo Xcel Energy, a partnership with The Consortium means the ability to attract innovative, diverse and exceptional talent to help achieve sustainability goals. As a trailblazer in energy innovation, Xcel Energy’s vision is to provide 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050. “Xcel is leading the clean energy transition, promoting renewable energy, enhancing our customer experiences, keeping bills low and giving back to our communities,” a company representative said. “We understand the importance of harnessing energy from top individuals with diverse perspectives. Xcel Energy supports the mission to enhance diversity within the utility industry and across the energy sector. A partnership with The Consortium is key to recruiting, retaining and promoting top talent across the vibrant careers that our company offers.”

STEP Level

New Balance Athletics Inc.
New BalanceNew Consortium corporate partner New Balance believes in the power of diversity to drive success and is using the partnership as a means to do so. “At New Balance, we believe in promoting a culture that supports awareness, learning and the open exchange of ideas with our colleagues. Ensuring diversity in global business education and leadership gives more companies like ours the opportunity to benefit from different perspectives and achieve long-term success,” a company representative said. “We recognize the value diversity brings to our personal experiences, to our work, to the products we create and to the events we produce. Fostering an environment of inclusivity and belonging is part of our cultural fabric and plays a critical role in our ability to live up to our standards of excellence, and achieving our growth objectives requires access to the best possible pool of talent.”

Ocean Spray Cranberries
Ocean SprayWith a belief in the power of diversity, equity and inclusion, Ocean Spray partnered with The Consortium to create meaningful opportunities for people who have historically been underrepresented in business education and leadership. “The Consortium’s mission is one that all organizations should look to support and advance. The systemic barriers that have led to the underrepresentation we see today can only be broken down if we strive for equity, inclusion and the advancement of people of color,” says Alice Monteiro, talent acquisition and DEIA manager. “We are proud to lead alongside The Consortium in creating opportunities and cultural environments where people of color can lead and thrive. It makes Ocean Spray, and businesses like ours, better and stronger.”

ReckittReckitt is the consumer packaged goods company behind brands such as Lysol, Mucinex, Airborne, Airwick, Enfamil and Durex, which exist to protect, heal and nurture in Reckitt’s relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. Beyond that, the company is leading the fight to make access to quality hygiene, wellness and nourishment a right and not a privilege. Reckitt’s products fall into three categories: Hygiene, Health and Nutrition. The company joined the Consortium in 2021 with the intention of supporting its commitment to inclusion and representation, which supports Reckitt’s leadership behaviors and shape the future of the organization. “At Reckitt you will have the #FreedomToSucceed,” a company representative said.

UbisoftWith the goal of creating better products and experiences for consumers, video game company Ubisoft launched a partnership with The Consortium this year. “A core pillar of Ubisoft’s company culture is to provide an open and respectful environment with diverse talent from different backgrounds, beliefs, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and geographical locations whose skills and individual qualities complement each other,” says Ashley Swisher, HR program manager. “This partnership with The Consortium, and its mission to increase the representation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in global business management, will support our goal of bringing more diverse voices to our teams in order to create even more memorable and enriching entertainment experiences.”

Also joining The Consortium this year were AstraZeneca, Chewy, Gilead Sciences, Hilti and Loomis Sayles.

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