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Diversity Online

Diversity in university and executive posts in corporations will have to catch up with the spectrum of humanity available online. A very progressive view of the Internet might propose that it is perhaps the most diverse and open network of mass communication ever invented. Online sharing tools qualify the Web as a new paradigm.

New Global Game-Changer

It may have been overly optimistic a couple decades ago to think of the Internet as a utopian force, although it certainly was a strong economic force — a bubble that soon popped. Confidence in the Web needed to be earned by the global community participating with this grand experiment.

Humanity has created the Web, as good as we have it today. It is diverse. Some people in challenged areas may have to put in extra effort to publish to the Web or use it to communicate — but the telecom services in developing economies is leapfrogging the developed economies’ technological evolutions.

Strange Signs and Opportunities

With global convergence, and the Web tying us all together in real time, and the mobile computing revolution — the stage is set for a new paradigm of opportunity for young aspirants. The diverse minds learning the ropes of business and economic activity in general today will soon begin to correct course and steer the world in a more peaceful direction.

Nothing can be overlooked or written off as unimportant at first glance. Powerful new economic drivers like crowdsourcing and online commerce are game-changers. Something like a no deposit casino may seem trivial, but, it is part of one of the biggest online phenomenons world-wide in an industry worth billions.

A global economy requires diverse people in positions of responsibility in order to work. The Web may well be a strong influence upon societies that are realising how critical diversity is for comprehensive cultural and economic progress.

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