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How to change the old employee entitlement culture

In the last decades in the US the employment’s mentality is really changed and much it has to change in future. In fact, the American business mentality is today in the middle of an important transformation, we could even define it as a transition phase to a future evolution in the way most employees tend to think of them as part of their company’s staff.

There’s an important point in the way most employees approach their workplace. It’s the employee entitlement.

What’s the employee entitlement?

After some time that employees are working in the same workplace and feel there like “at home”, they tend to start believing they “deserve” a paycheck simply because they are there, on their workplace.

This type of mentality is pretty far from the meritocracy the most modern American companies are trying to spread around. In fact, today most employees are recruited basically after a selection made on the basis of what they can really do and how they could help companies to enlarge their profits and business.

It’s not only a matter of study and graduation certificates: it’s a matter of personal skills and professional competence.

Skills and competence

These are the two milestones in the process to create the ideal employee. In fact, skills aren’t enough without technical competences about the particular job recruiters have to offer applicants.

Most important, by skills recruiters means the ability to fix a problem, to work in a team, to be available to grow up from a professional point of view. Scheduling work days and meetings, participating to events and so on will also be part of the work.

Skills and competence are the two basic requirements for all technical jobs. Think about technicians in the different fields of chemistry, physics, mechanics and locksmith sciences.

Today, locksmiths who want to be hired by a nationwide important company such as Lock 4 Less have to complete a training course, get an ALOA license and complete their apprenticeship.

Work: beyond business

Working as a locksmith is something that put you in the situation to face every day very different cases. You might have to rekey a lock or to install a new alarm system for a commercial, but you might also have to fix more complicated situations, like car lockouts or broken car ignition.

And what about home fires? As you can see, locksmiths are called to fix numerous hard situations and it’s crucial for Lock 4 Less to have always and ever the best technicians to send customers, no matter what time it is or where they are at the moment of the call.

For Lock 4 Less, each single call at 800 – 481 – 5228 is an emergency situation to fix: the staff at Lock 4 Less counts thousand locksmiths and hundreds offices in the Country, it’s easy for Lock 4 Less to find the best locksmith for each single situation, so customers can be always fully satisfied by the job quality and price of services.

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