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Job seeking: get it easy with our tips

Today, job hunters are constantly increasing and every month we have thousands more jobless who look for their next employment opportunity.

However, looking for a job is not that easy, it can be frustrating and time-consuming and not everyone knows that there are a few things to avoid to do and other things to absolutely do in order to look credible and get a job.

Job seekers should put their effort in finding the best strategy for their job interviews. Actually, everything is mostly played during the first job interview: recruiters get a clue of who you are and formulate their first impression on your personality and competence. Here are our original tips for job seekers.


If you want people to go along with you in a work place, try to be vulnerable: show them you give much importance to their advices and ask them for more. This will please them and allow you to learn from people who already work in that particular company or office.


Passion is not always the best way to go. Sometimes, we can’t find a job position as we dream simply because we are too much focused on a particular job, while we should open our mind to more positions. Often times, employees get jobs in different positions than they would have liked and after a while they realize it was better like that.


Career is like a living being: you have to seed, take care and wait for it to become a flourishing being. So, don’t expect to get a dream job without to move a finger to seek it. Consider that you have to start small in order to grow big.


Dialogue is an important part of all human relations. Dialogue means to know the right way and moment to speak, but also to know how to listen to the others. Don’t merely ask questions and don’t try to overwhelm people with your “I know”, “I can do” phrases!


An excellent job seeking platform will help you find a job without wasting time and effort. Zigo is one of the top online platforms for job hunters. All you have to do in order to join Zigo is to type “what” kind of job you are looking for and “where” you want to work. Send with a click and in one second you get a full list of job posting from companies or individual businesses in the selected area and for the required position.

How Zigo works

If you are a job seekers, all you have to do is to sign up directly on the home page of the Zigo platform. You can upload your CV and browse job.

Zigo also helps recruiters find employees quicker. If you are a recruiter you have to post a free job and wait to get email notifications about the new job applicants. Recruiters can choose from a range of profiles at Zigo, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

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