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Searching for Jobs in the New CGSM Online

Searching for Jobs in the New CGSM Online

Start job searches on the Dashboard.

Select “Search Now” in the Job Opportunities pane to be directed to the search page.

The search page displays all currently listed jobs, including positions for first and second-year students, recent graduates, and alumni, sorted by posting date. To narrow the results select either a simple or advanced search. Simple searches are entered in the “Search” field and are a good way to look for jobs by company name or to search for a specific posting by name. Start with a simple search to produce the broadest results and avoid missing potential opportunities. Selecting “Advanced Search” allows candidates to then further refine the criteria to narrow the results.

Select “Results” after the desired parameters are entered to view the results in list format. From the job list select the title of the desired position to view additional details and potentially apply for the position.

In addition to search and application functions, MBA Focus offers several career center enhancements not available in the previous version of CGSM Online:

  • Searches may be saved to run again from the dashboard
  • Saved searches may be turned into automated agents that will create a dashboard notification or send an e-mail reminder any time a job matching the selected criteria is posted
  • Jobs may be tagged as already viewed or hotlisted to save time during future searches

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