Seattle’s Consortium alumni welcome class of 2016

The Seattle Consortium alumni chapter welcomed the Consortium graduates and their spouses to Optimism Brewery on Sept. 21, bringing in several alumni from the University of Southern California; the University of California, Los Angeles; the University of Wisconsin; The University of Texas at Austin; Cornell University; the University of Michigan and more.

All the Consortium alumni now work at local companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks. While alumni were able to reconnect on their latest work and life stories, the newest class was introduced with a warm welcome to what is one of the fastest growing city chapters.

As the class of 2016 was greeted and introduced, Consortium alumni stressed the importance of strengthening the chapter’s community as it continues to expand. In 2017, the Seattle chapter expects to make a concerted effort to build more frequent events, generate active contributions, and create legitimate infrastructure.

The Consortium thanks alumnus Marco Ramirez (Texas, 2015) for providing the photo and information for this blog post.

Photo details, left to right: Carlos Anguizola; Harry Sin (Texas, 2016); Nubia Solomon (NYU, 2014); Nicole Villasin (UCLA, 2015); Jeffrey Gaither (Michigan, 2015); Nicole Velasquez (Texas, 2015); Jeff Jones (USC, 2016); Deborah Philips (Cornell, 2014); Marco Ramirez (Texas, 2015); Kim Truong (Wisconsin, 2016); Surabhi Agrawal (Georgetown, 2016); Jessica Lew (Wisconsin, 2015); Coral Taylor (Georgetown, 2016); Rahul Sharma (USC, 2016); Brace Clement (Wisconsin, 2013); Parag Sampat (UC-Berkeley, 2016); Uche Abakporo (Indiana, 2015).