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Shari Hubert on Georgetown as a Consortium Member School

Since joining Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business eight months ago as the Associate Dean for MBA Admissions, Shari Hubert has been a strong champion for her new employer in joining The Consortium. Having accomplished her goal, we spoke to her about what The Consortium partnership means to the school.

Q: When did you first become aware of The Consortium?

A: I first became aware of The Consortium more than 15 years ago from when I was applying to business school. When I joined Georgetown McDonough, I was happy to learn that there already was a level of understanding and awareness of how great it would be if Georgetown were to become a member. Elaine Romanelli, senior associate dean of MBA programs, and Katelyn Stephenson, assistant dean of MBA admissions, had been in conversations with our Georgetown McDonough Dean David Thomas and The Consortium’s Executive Director and CEO Peter Aranda for at least a year prior to my coming on board, so I really credit them with the positive results.

Even before I officially started my job, I attended a meeting with The Consortium’s Vice President of Program Administration, Janice Wells-White, and Peter. I knew it would be important for me to be there, and I’m pleased that I was able to help put our partnership in place.

Q: Why did you think Georgetown would be a good fit?

A: Our Dean was very keen from the beginning, especially given his background in the area of diversity and corporate America. He believes that building a diverse and inclusive student body enhances the educational experience in an organic way that supplements the knowledge taught by our professors and curriculum. As we prepare our MBAs to be principled leaders with a global mindset, it is essential that they view business through the lens of numerous cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

In addition, our values are grounded in the Jesuit tradition of women and men for others and caring for the whole person. And, finally, D.C. is an extremely diverse city and aligns well with the mission of the Consortium in terms of wanting to establish a stronghold here.

Q: What steps did you take to secure a partnership?

A: Once we received the initial invitation of interest from Peter and Janice, I worked with Dean Thomas, Elaine Romanelli, and others across the school to ensure that we put forward a comprehensive and compelling package that included our commitment to diversity, information on our program and what makes it special, and our historical diversity statistics.  We also contacted a number of member schools to get their take on the experience.

Additionally, we invited Peter and Janice to visit the campus twice to ensure that they had a chance to meet our students and staff as part of the process. We really felt it was important to ensure that both sides saw it as a good fit. We engaged our legal counsel, head of Advancement and the Vice President of Finance for Georgetown University overall, so there’s broad ranging support of this relationship that extends beyond solely McDonough. The commitment to The Consortium and diversity reaches across our campus.

Q: Now that you’re officially a member, what are you most excited about?

A: The Consortium provides an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a great network of schools and school administrators, and to meet such talented and committed young aspiring MBAs. I love working with MBAs. Through my own experience searching for the right MBA program, I can relate to their experiences as applicants, and I really enjoy learning about them and how they believe the MBA will shape their lives and livelihoods. I also am excited that we have another great platform through which to share the Georgetown McDonough story with a broader network of individuals. I am looking forward to putting these pieces in place to increase the overall diversity of our student body.

Q: You attended your first Orientation Program this year. What were your impressions?

A: We were overwhelmed by the kindness and openness shown us at the OP by Consortium staff, current fellows, member schools and corporate partners. Current fellows extended themselves to help with marketing and recruitment because they have friends who are interested in Georgetown and would be equally as excited to know that we are now part of the Consortium.  It truly is evident that everyone feels part of a special family that extends beyond one’s own particular university affiliation.  I really appreciated that as a newcomer.

I have to do a special shout out to Consortium board members Phil Miller, Colleen McMullen, Nsombi Ricketts and Chris Grey, who have been truly exceptional in their mentorship of me through this process.

Q: What type of students are you hoping to attract to Georgetown through The Consortium?

A: We are looking for students who want to impact business and society, are principled leaders who demonstrate that it’s not just about what you do, but how you do things, and who have executive presence. We want students who are smart and critical thinkers, who are prepared to participate in the classroom and will fit well in this dynamic. Our students must go beyond simply receiving knowledge to being a strong and confident participant in the learning process. In addition, we look for students who have an interest in the impact of global on business and demonstrate cultural awareness and sensitivity. Finally, we hope our students will make Georgetown proud throughout their lifetime as active and engaged alumni.

Q: What are your long-term goals as a new Consortium member?

A: My long term goal is that we are able to continue attracting great MBA talent to Georgetown who are committed to diversity and can build an even stronger community of inclusiveness on campus by virtue of being part of such a great organization as The Consortium.

And, I want to win the TEAM Trophy! Once we have some time under our belts, look out! That will be indicative that we are a successful member and have a great community on campus that continues to pay it forward. I want to have a flourishing community here for Consortium students.

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