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This Tech-Savvy Entrepreneur Hopes to Use Her MBA to Give Back to and Empower Others


As the oldest child of immigrant parents, growing up, Fanta Kaba found herself pulled between parental expectations and her desire to help others.

“I really wanted to be a social worker because I wanted to give back, but my parents …


Ingenuity for Entrepreneurship: One Consortium Alum’s Journey to Personal Fulfillment


As Felipe Vasconcelos has made the jump from one industry to another, the one constant has been his entrepreneurial spirit.

In college, Vasconcelos’ decision to major in information systems was driven only by the desire to secure a job. With …

Consortium | Featured | Students

‘Slaying’ it in the Beauty Business


In a little over a year, Kelly Bonilla and Jade Palomino went from being co-workers, to best friends, to business partners.

Working together at Endeavor Miami, a nonprofit economic development organization, Bonilla and Palomino helped entrepreneurs by providing them …