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More Than Soft Skills: Career Services Advisors Share What Companies Are Looking for in MBAs Post-COVID


When it comes to what companies are looking for in MBAs, the answer is both uniformity and distinctiveness. While soft skills like communication and critical thinking and technical skills like marketing and finance are important assets for all MBAs to

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MBA Elyse Bush Hopes to Empower Underrepresented Employees with Anonymous Employer Review Site


Finding it difficult to excel as a Black woman in the workplace early on in her career, Elyse Bush says she often felt excluded. However, she soon realized she wasn’t alone. 

“I realized early in my career that not all

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Haas School of Business Takes Educational Approach to Improving Equity in Recruiting and Hiring Processes


A Consortium member school, Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley has made clear its commitment to enhancing diversity in business education and leadership. It has worked hard to be a welcoming place for all students, including