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Feel Like a Fraud? You’re Not Alone: Career Coach Damali Harding Shares Tips on Beating Impostor Syndrome


Whether you’re in year one of your career or close to retirement, many of us — at some point in our lives — have felt like an impostor or fraud. Known as impostor syndrome, these feelings have been experienced by …

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Emory MBA Bryan Shepherd Believes in Business as a Means to Change Society — and That’s What He’s Trying to Do


As a child growing up in a suburb of Atlanta, Bryan Shepherd would begin most days before the sun was even up.

“I lived in Decatur, Ga., which was about 30 to 45 minutes away from my elementary school,” Shepherd …

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The Consortium’s Statement on Recent Social Injustices


In the early days of the civil rights movement, Washington University Professor Sterling Schoen experienced the Chicago Race Riot of 1964. This indelible experience prompted him to create a vision of our country in which businesses were more diverse, equitable …