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The Biggest Mass Communication Network

The diversity we can find in today’s universities and corporations is undoubtedly a direct consequence of the power of multiculturalism and its fast, amazing spread throughout the globe. However, while the ”real world” has set these extraordinary examples of a wide spectrum of humanity, the virtual online world seems to be even more intriguing from this point of view. According to many specialists, the Internet is the most diverse and at the same time the most open mass communication network out there. Here are a few equally surprising things that can be done online and which significantly surpass their brick-and-mortar correspondents.


Communication At The Speed Of Light

Unless you have 5 phones, 3 sets of hands and a huge attention span, you would never actually be able to communicate with several of your friends at the same time – something you frequently do while online on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, chatting in group chat rooms or doing video conferences. Sharing photos or exchanging the latest lottery tips or news on the most recent draws can be done instantly and hassle-free.


Monetizing Your Time Spent On The Internet

How about the possibility to actually earn an income while surfing the web, blogging, or playing games? Who would have thought that humankind will get to make money out of the virtual universe at such as fast-growing rate and speed? Today you can play EuroMillions Lotto games from the comfort of your own home, and, even more, using your hand-held device while on the subway on your way home from work. All you need to do is pick your 5 lucky numbers out of a pool of 1-50 and an extra 2 Lucky Stars numbers form 1-11 so you can get closer to the change of winning the breathtaking EuroMillions jackpots that are usually worth several dozens million Euros or more. Secondary prizes are also made available to those who manage to guess a few of the 7 winning numbers at the end of each weekly draw. And the Internet now allows you to buy EuroMillions tickets on sites like LotteryMaster no matter what country you might live on the planet. The Lotto-matic “Lucky Dip” option enables players to have their tickets be automatically market with numbers, so they can leave their fortune on the hand of Providence if they wish to do so or they are in a hurry. This is also something you cannot really do inside a land lotto venue – and the fact that you can play any lottery game on the planet at any time no matter where you are comes to show us the virtual world has become boundary-free.  

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