Top managers in the world are white

It’s really hard to diffuse the idea of equality in the job market. Most employments are selected for particular racial groups in places like the US, where the presence of more races in the society still leads to conflicts of interests.

The same situation happens in Europe, Australia, and South Africa, where only 20% managements positions are occupied by black employees.

Top leading positions

It seems that most top leading positions in the world – and this can be seen in almost all fields of the job market – are destined to only a specific racial group. In 2013 a survey on this topic showed that only 19,8% of black employees occupy top management positions, while in 2009 the percentage was of 20,3.   Black managers

This means that white employees still dominate the scene of top positions in the most important firms as well as in the smaller firms, where discrimination is even stronger.

Men vs. women

The situation doesn’t change that much if we consider the gender equality in the management positions. Men are still most of the employees who reach top positions, 79,4%. Women are once again discriminated and among the female gender the black women are those who can get less top positions.

In the senior management positions, blacks occupy 23% while whites occupy 57% – the rest is occupied by Indians and other minorities.

Equality in the job market

A certain level of equality in the job market can be achieved only in the online market. Online jobs don’t usually take into account the skin color. What matters is basically what one can do.

For this reason, more people are becoming interested in the online jobs. Blacks and women find it more convenient also for this reason.

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