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Countdown to #CGSMOP2015! Get ready for Phoenix

We’re launching a countdown to our time together in Phoenix. Find out how you can “phollow” us.

Starting today, The Consortium is launching a social media countdown to the 49th annual Orientation Program & Career Forum, which starts in 31 days in Phoenix. The theme this year: “Rise in the Valley of the Sun” (which is a nickname for the Phoenix area). Watch the countdown on The Consortium’s social media accounts:

We’re trying to have a little fun with our countdown, so watch our accounts every day, starting today, for one of these tidbits as we count down to Phoenix.

ON MONDAYS: Phoenix Phellows. We’re asking you share some trivia about yourself so we can get to know a little about who is coming to Phoenix with us.

ON TUESDAYS: Phoenix Phacts. Learn a little trivia about our host city.

ON WEDNESDAYS: Phorward Looking. We’ll tease you with some info about something cool that’s coming for this year’s OP.

ON THURSDAYS: Throwback Thursday. A look back at OP events from year’s gone by.

ON FRIDAYS: Phollow Phriday. We share a few cool Twitter accounts we think would be worth keeping up with while you’re at OP and beyond.

ON SATURDAYS: OP Volunteers. Get to know some of the kind souls who will help all of us make the most out of OP this year.

ON SUNDAYS: Meet the Staff: A photo and phun phact from someone on The Consortium team. We’re all eager to meet each of you!

We hope you’ll follow us on Facebook and Twitter, especially, where we’ll mostly be focusing this countdown. Today is Tuesday, May 5: 31 days to go!

ABOVE: Jessie Washington, class of 2016 at Washington University in St. Louis, at the 2014 Orientation Program in Austin, Texas.

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