What have we done for you lately?

If you’re a Consortium alumnus, you might be wondering what the answer to that question is: What have we done for you lately, since you finished your MBA program with one of our member schools?

Well, we strive to always have an answer to that question. Without you—our living testimony—we overlook a lasting impact and legacy for our students, alumni and corporate America. It’s time we pour into you!

Recently, we surveyed our alumni to determine how we can work on cultivating meaningful relationships with you. It was a good first step in hearing your thoughts and opinions. Thank you for your candor.

First, Save the Date

But before we get to the survey results, we want to share a request for all our alumni to save the date for the 51st annual Orientation Program and Career Forum, June 9-14, in Atlanta. The survey was designed to give us insight and information as we plan alumni events in Atlanta, and we believe we’re offering the “right” mix of content and camaraderie.

Sure, live events cost both time and money to attend, but if you measure your time spent and your ROI, don’t events come out on top? This one will! Check the OP page on our website often for updates and the registration link.

And by the way: Yes, the survey is done, but you can still have your say. We’re interested in what will get you excited about going to OP this year, what programming would help and what concerns you might have. Please email me directly. “Alumni” is part of my title and I would like to hear from you at thomasa@cgsm.org.

Now, Here’s How You Responded…

Networking is of the most interest to you. Interfacing with corporate partners, along with an alumni-only dinner and an opportunity to mingle with students followed closely.

You would attend the Orientation Program and Career Forum (OP) for the right programming. 81.6 percent agreed. Others cited time away from work/family and the expense as deterrents.

Two days of programming with one overnight stay is a viable option for the majority of you.

Overwhelmingly, you will support regional events held near you.


And a Few Comments from the Survey…

“Alumni relations are extremely important for our overall cause. I strongly encourage CGSM to invest more efforts into strengthening alumni ties. This will eventually lead to a stronger presence of minorities in corporate America, increased donations to CGSM, and more applications for CGSM incoming students (via word of mouth from alums).”

“More coordination, organization and support for regional chairs. Currently, the onus is on the head of the regional chapter to plan, execute and engage with alumni. As busy professionals, this is very hard to do.”

“This survey is a great start to identifying ways to be engaged. Please let us know the ideas generated. Knowing more about what regional chapters are doing (maybe a calendar) might also encourage participation for those of us who travel and might want to connect.”

“If no one has stepped up to lead a regional chapter, I think the Consortium should take the proactive step to recruit chapter leaders. I think a lot of alums don’t know about the alumni regional chapters.”